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Hello again everybody!
Today i just wanna share my experience in VCD tasks. Although the processes are tough, but i made quite good results.

Starting from DRAWING 1!
In this subject, of course we have to draw. To know the length of our knowledge in drawing, the lecturer gave us a task to draw a rectangular, a circle and a triangle based objects.

The lecturer always said (in Indonesian), "Picture is consisted of lines. So u have to make good lines with ur hand's control. U mustn't make any nervous lines, lines that are drawn multiple times to get a straight line. U must make ur hands and pencils in control with ur mind. Ur pencils are now UR SOULMATE!!!

Well, since then, many of my friends change their Facebook status from 'single' to 'In the
relationship with-Pencil 2B'...
Nice...(read: Crazy)

*I took the pictures with Laptop camera, so sorry if the lighting aren't too good.

Rectangular based Object
(With B, 2B pencils)

Circle Based Object

Triangle Based Object

All of the objects' rendering weren't done with smooching with hands. Making a shadow or "Rendering (a.k.a Mengarsir)" must not be done with smooching it with fingers or hands (digesek pake tangan klo yg g ngerti). It must be done with only Pencil.

"U must control it with ur hands, how to make thick lines until smooth lines so that it can generates a good rendering" said the lecturer. At first, i can even make good rendering, but with help from my friend, i began to render drawing with good shadow and lighting.

Perspective drawing
The thin lines on the abstract object show how to
multiply a single cube into many cubes and then
making it into an object.
Drawing and rendering with : B, 2B, 4B and 6B pencils

After drawing objects perspectives, we went to room perspectives, which is much more difficult to put the lines together and making it like a real room / space, just like in the real world. In this task, we must used not only pencils, but also pencil colors for the drawings.

Room Perspectives
With Faber Castel Pencil Colors
Place: 1st floor Syahdan Campus near the ATM

Plant Drawing
We're about to move from perspective to human drawing
But before human, we went to plants
Coloring with Faber castel pencil colors
With analogues (Orange to yellow for the plant)
and monochromatic colors
(Red black to red for the pot,
Red to white for the floor and stones
Blue to White for the walls)

I think that's all for DRAWING 1 tasks. I haven't done any tasks for human drawing. I'll update it once i got a good drawing. hehehehe... See you soon!


Fuh.... after a long... long... long... long... long... hiatus, i finally come back to write some of my experiences in this small blog. Sorry for the long awaited update. Ever since i entered Bina Nusantara Univ. especially after majoring in Visual Communication Design, which has much more project than the other majors (not that i look down on others major, i just said, VCD major has a lil' bit much more tasks)

I don't know what word best describe VCD major, but i do have one word for my experience in it, STRESS!!! My 1st tasks were okay, but it gets more difficult from week to week. I even almost broke down because of the tasks. Seriously, the tasks consumed a lot of mind and physics power. For the first time ever, i don't sleep for a whole day, all because of task. Despite of the stress, i do enjoy this major. Just hope that i can get through for 4 years ahead... Hahahahaha...

Oh yeah, now i'm very active on Twitter, follow me on

I think that's all i can say for now. I'll update again very soon. Bye everyone!

Hey everyone! It's been a while since the last post. This time i wanna share about last week TKH at DKV major. The TKH was really fun, yet it was also boring and scary. The scary part is when the security section scolded, yelled and made fun of the newbies, especially when we asked them for signature. But, despite all of that, the security section aren't bad people. In fact, i think they should take acting classes. Their act as bad people, yelling and scolding the newbies, is really great. They can win an Oscar.

This time, the theme for TKH is "The Rise of The Nation". So, the freshman, which is about 300 people, were divided into 4 group, Germany, Rome, Japan and Egypt. Every group had a leader, which was called "God of War". As the theme said, each group competed in some subject such as, drawing and water gun war. Hahahahaha....

The greatest and funniest session in TKH were the camp fire session and morning aerobic session. I had fun in those 2 session. I can't wait for next year TKH. Hope i can be in one of the sections. Well, i'll post the photos in some other time. I haven't got any of the photos. Bye for now....


Lately, i've been reading some fanfictions of a famous anime. There is one fanfiction that is really interesting, the main role has a condition called Synesthesia. The one who have this condition called Synesthetes. I began to wonder if there are people like that, so i googled it. And it's true, though only small part of people in the world who have this ability.

Synesthesia is a phenomenon where a person's senses cross-wired. When one sensory of a person is stimulated by something, automatically, the second sensory also sense that stimulation. For example, when we hear a sound, we can "see" the sound too. Get it?

There are 5 forms of synesthesia, Grapheme, Sound, Number Form, Personification, and Lexical. The most common form is grapheme--> Colour synesthesia. A person can see individual letter, such as alphabets and numbers that are "shaded" or "tinged" with color. Usually, "A" is most likely shaded with red color. So, when this person is reading words, actually he is reading colours.

Another common form of synesthesia is Sound-->Colour Synesthesia. A sound synesthete can see some shapes and colours, when they heard sound, voice, or even music orchestra. Some synesthete agreed that louder tones are brighter than soft tones or higher notes are smaller in shape and brighter than the lower notes. A sound synesthete can see each different colours from different voices that comes out from each different people.

The number form is a mental map of number when a synesthete think or see numbers. Personification is a form when a synesthete see or hear numbers or alphabets and then, describe / personalized them. For example: 3 is so serious, while 0 is pretty, smart and kind, K is a female, she is quiet but have a big responsible.
The lexical form is a condition where a synesthete hear, say or inner speech, they can immediately taste the words. For example: blue taste inky, love taste like chocolate.

If i've got to meet synesthete, i'll be very happy, because i can ask them about what my voice's colour, or maybe what my name taste like. I think, synesthetes are not weird people. They just have one extra feature for themselves. They also see what we see, taste what we taste, hear what we hear, but they do all of them in a different angle.

Final Day of POM

Every meeting have its own ending. Although, this final POM won't be the last time we saw each other from ABN18 or the mentors too.
There were only 2 session for today. The mentors share some of their knowledge to their mentees. Our class mentors is Nila and William. Nila is from architecture major and William is from DKV major. So, the one who was sharing the knowledge mostly done by William. He shared some important points that we, the freshmen, have to know about the studies, lecturers, and rules at DKV major. He brought some examples from his first year tasks too, it was really great! His drawing is really good...

Before we went to the next session, the head class, George and two other of his friends, bought a strawberry cake with "18" candle on the top. 18 symbolized the class, ABN18. The cake symbolized our big thanks to the mentours, Nila and William. From what i've heard, our mentors are the most fun, laidback, and know how to have some crazy time. I felt like they're not really mentors, they're more like our hang out friends, whom we can chat freely with. I really had many fun times with them and also an outlook for the DKV major.


The last session is the EXPO. Open house for the UKMs. All the freshmen can join their favorite UKM at each UKM stand. This EXPO also continues in every periode of POM. The DKV stand really outstanding and very creative. The HIMDKV's stand had an old fashion of Nusantara theme in it. The freshmen can buy pins, notebook and sketchbook. You can even get face sketches from the senior in HIMDKV. It was like a gallery in DKV stand.

There was this senior from DKV major that is really weird, crazy yet fun... He invited all the freshmen in the stand by saying this (in Indonesian) :
"Semua anak DKV!! Udah pada daftar TKH (Temu Keakraban Himpunan) belom?? Cepetan daftar... Nih liat temanya, "The Rise of The Nation"! Nasi dari segala bangsa!!! Di TKH ini kita akan mengajari kalian semua menanak nasi, memasak nasi goreng, pokokny ok deh!"
Is this suppose to be home economic stand or DKV stand??? That was my first thought when that senior said it. If that's really what TKH is about, i rather learn the cooking from my mom and not spend two hundred thousand ruapiahs for it... HAHAHAHA.... But of course, the DKV TKH is really about learning and having fun. That senior also gave an ultimatum :
"Kalo ga ikutan TKH, kalian semua nanti ga bisa gambar pas lagi pelajaran DKV!!"
WHAT THE H**L!! That was really creeping me out...

Another stands that really great is Paramabira. They had a mini concert at 12 o'clock. So, we could see them at their stand. I tell you, they really good... I hope i have the sample of their voices, but they're not for sale and i don't have any clue where to find it.
And that is it, the one week of POM. It was kinda boring at first, but... I think my class was really unified and fun. We even have the facebook, BINUSIAN 2013.ABN18! Yeah... That's it for now. I'll post some of the pictures later and post the TKH from HIMDKV and the inauguration. See ya!

Hi Guyz n Girls!! Sorry again for the delay of the 4th day. Yesterday, i went home so late, i just got back home about 8.30 p.m. So i didn't have time to tell u what happened yesterday.

So yesterday, we went to Anggrek Campus new building, computer laboratory. The first session was about Binusmaya and Binusian Blog. Binusmaya was made for the efficiency of the students. From Binusmaya, students can look at their college schedule, test schedule, test result, subject discussion in forum, and other things that students must know. Binusmaya itself can be opened only by Binusian. Binus also gives 1 email address to each students and that address can be used like yahoo or msn email.
For Binus Blog, students can post some of their exciting, unique, or other experiences in their blog. Binusian Blog is also as good as blogger or wordpress, and the layout can be changed too. So, maybe i'll change my blog from this address to Binusian Blog address... I will definitely tell you when i changed it.

The 2nd session is about religious gathering. So, the students were grouped in religion order such as, muslim, Catholic, Christian and also Buddhist. I don't know if there was a Hinduist... We gathered and played some games, shouted some praises to our Lord, and continued by eating together.

The last session of the day is the UKM Performances. UKM is the acronym for Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa. It's like clubs or extraculliculer at senior high school. There are about 30 UKMs in Binus. Here are some of the UKM that i liked so much :

1. Klifonara, Klub Seni Fotografi Bina Nusantara. DKV major also have some lessons about Photography, so i think this club will give many advantages for us in the future.

2. Paramabira, Paduan Suara Mahasiswa Bina Nusantara. Binus Choir is really good, already has 4 voices in it, soprano, tenor, bass and alto. They performed really well yesterday, the sopranos can hit really high notes, the Head voice!! Paramabira also ranked in 3rd place when they compete in Spain.

3. B-Voice, the Binus radio station. B-Voice had been working with some famous radio station in the city, one of them is 101.4 Trax fm. You can also learn how to interview people and broadcasting.

4. Stamanara, Seni Tari Mahasiswa Bina Nusantara. The dance club has many genre from break dance to latin dance. Of course, they also have the cheerleading and modern dance.

5. Nippon Club. This is where the Otaku of anime and manga gather. They're not only join this club because of the anime manga, but also the tradition and language classes that can be found in it. Such as, Japan literature class, kendo, matsuri festival, and many more. Any anime and manga fans would LOVE this...

Those are my favorite clubs. Sadly, i can only choose Klifonara for now. I'm afraid DKV major has many tasks to do. If i join too many clubs, i wouldn't have time to come to every lessons. I'm also joining the HIMDKV, so that makes it 2 club that i'll be joining.

That's all for the 4th day... Read the final day of POM too!

3rd Day of POM

Hi everyone!!! Today's POM is already finished... Today, we weren't studying at Syahdan Campus, instead, we studied at Anggrek Campus. The Anggrek Campus is not too far from Syahdan Campus.

Today's subjects were also 2 of the DKV's subjects. They are Audio Visual and Motion Graphic. Basically, the 2 of those subject referred to animation and film. Audio Visual gave some learning about the difference of things that can be touched and the things that can only be seen and heard. As for Motion Graphic, we learned about advertisement and film itself. Advertisements such as, HP laptop, Coca-cola etc. is advertisements that requires motion graphic. Motion graphic itself is not animation or new media, but it's the mix of those two.
See this commercial HP laptop, u'll love it! Jerry Seinfeld and Pharrell

The last session is TOEFL. It's a must for every POM students. I have to tell y'all, Binus TOEFL is so hard... Very different from other listening, reading or structure that we've done at school. It's hard, but i guess i've done mine good enough. Hope i could get 500 above for the TOEFL.

Well, i'll post the 4th day tomorrow, BYE!

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